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The view from the busy fishing port at Port Welshpool, Victoria, Australia

Port Welshpool

You'll find this quaint and peaceful little water side town nestled on the shores of Corner Inlet between The Toora Boat Ramp and Port Albert, approximately 195 kilometers south-east of Melbourne.

Travel along the South Gippsland Highway, past Leongatha, Meeniyan, Foster and Toora until you come to the Welshpool township. Turn right at the sign post to Port Welshpool and you'll find it at the end of the 6 kilometers of road.

Photographs Of Port Welshpool - See the Port Welshpool page at lifegames Photography for the complete list of albums. We have also made the photographs from this website available for you to use under a special license. To find out how easy it is to download them legally, go to the contact page.

Because Port Welshpool is such a beautiful place to take interesting pictures, we have also created a page for you to view them better at Port Welshpool Photos.

Port Welshpool Township - With a General Store, The Pier Port Hotel, two caravan parks, a Maritime Museum, boat storage, garage, the historical Long Jetty, a busy commercial Fishing Port and very reasonably priced real estate, Port Welshpool is one of the best kept secrets on the coast. There are tennis courts, a skate park, children's playground and a barbecue area along with a large 3 boat ramp that's used as the facility for recreational boating.

Fishing - Many of the permanent residents make their living from fishing but as more and more people discover the area, some of them make it a place to retire and enjoy life or holiday for extended periods of time. You can fish from the wharves and the rock wall, take a boat trip from Port Welshpool pier, launch your own boat at the public boat ramps and gain access to Bass Straight via the Lewis and Singapore Channels.

Historic Long Jetty at Welshpool

History Of Long Jetty - This jetty was originally constructed during WW11 to facilitate the berthing of Naval ships during war time. It was then used as a commercial shipping port up until 2003. Following a fire on the pier in June of that year, Worksafe issued a notice to close the pier and instructed that the structure be made safe before it could be reopened.

At the same time, various people raised questions about the structure and safety of the pier and several reports of people tripping and falling confirmed to the Gippsland Port Authority that further repairs, other than to the fire damaged section, were needed.

After inspections of the decking, it was decided that "...the pier had come to the end of its safe and useful life for commercial shipping", as written by Geoff Kohlman (CEO Gippsland Ports). The Port Welshpool Working Group has had the Jetty proclaimed a heritage site and applications for funding for it's restoration continue to be submitted.

Seagull on the railing of the Historic Long Jetty

Sea Days Festival - Each year, on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after New Year,  Port Welshpool is host to the Sea Days festival. Activities and competitions for the children, displays of artwork, horse drawn carriage rides, displays of underwater sea life and explanations of the ecology to be found in Corner Inlet all work together to make this an informative and fun day for all the family. 

Organizations, Clubs And Groups  - At Port Welshpool you will find a Boat Club, Tennis Club and Fishing Club, Port Welshpool Bowling Club, The Maritime Museum and the Pier Port Social Club.

The Proposed New Walking Track - An enjoyable walking distance of 6 kilometers between the two towns of Welshpool and Port Welshpool has found the need to have a walking track constructed to add to the enjoyment of people who frequent the location. The first stage has been completed from Welshpool, through to the recreation reserve. To find out more you can visit The Welshpool Community website at

Port Welshpool Long Jetty

The Real Estate - is quite affordable in Port Welshpool and there are some real gems to be found there. The only thing I've ever heard the locals complain about is the sand flies. One tip when you visit the beach...don't wear blue, as for some reason it tends to be more attractive to the sand fly. Once they strike, you will most likely want to head for the car or dash inside...they can be relentless.

Waterfront properties have genuine views directly to the peaceful waters of Corner Inlet and out over Wilson's Promontory. The boating facilities here are excellent and very reasonably priced. There are also regular sailing and fishing competitions to make life even more interesting.

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