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picture of South Gippsland Scenery, road, hills and corner inlet, from Ameys Track, Foster.

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Here's What You Will Find - From the rolling hills to the white sandy beaches, the fern gullies, protected wilderness areas and the lush farmland, this region will always provide you with an abundant variety of scenery that is renowned for its beauty, diversity and tranquility.

Things To Bring With You - Make sure you bring your camera or video recorder as these images are highly sought after and provide a delightful representation of one of the most scenic tourist destinations on mainland Australia.

Taking Pictures Of Native Flora And Fauna - If wildlife, birds or plants interest you, bring binoculars or field glasses to get a better view. There are many areas where birds and native animals abound and it is best to check with your information centers to find out the exact locations.

Venus Bay

Tidal River at Wilsons PromMany of the towns have attractive murals painted on buildings and various landmarks. This is a particularly colourful beach scene painted on the side of a water tank on the main road into Venus Bay. It's a great way to turn an eyesore into a creative tourist attraction.

Coffee Shops
Take A Break

view to the Prom from Foster North LookoutYou'll find the most fabulous coffee shops and cafes right throughout South Gippsland. Make sure you take some time to stop and enjoy what each local town has to offer. Try the Banksia cafe in Fish Creek or the Caravan Park at Venus Bay for something different.

Wilsons Promontory
National Park

Tidal River at Wilsons PromTidal River is a beautiful and safe area for children to swim and play in the water. Adults can enjoy the surf on the nearby beach. There's a shop and camping facilities with wombats wandering freely amongst the bush. Tidal River is only a twenty minute drive from the gateway of the National Park.

Views To Wilsons Prom
Foster Beach

view to the Prom from Foster North LookoutAt a very secluded spot just outside Foster on the Foster beach road, are views of Wilsons Promontory through the trees. It's not really a place to swim, but is an excellent place for bird watching. From Foster it is a very pleasant 20 minute drive to the gateway of Wilsons Promontory national park.

Toora Windfarm
Country Town

Toora Wind FarmsHigh above the peaceful township of Toora in Victoria are the somewhat controversial yet majestic Toora Windfarms. You'll find an information centre and plenty of places to pull over and take memorable photographs. Stop for a rest at the Windmill Cafe too.

Walkerville Beach
Coastal Victoria

Walkerville BeachFish, swim, boating, bush walking, bird watching, sightseeing, camping, BBQ's, picnics, snorkeling, bike riding, horse riding, view native wildlife in their natural habitat. Find marine animals and plants in the shallow rock pools at Walkerville beach.

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