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view across the land at Corner Inlet Coastal and Marine park in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Corner Inlet Marine And Coastal Park

Corner Inlet Marine National Park (also called Nooramunga Marine Park), encompasses some 1,550 hectares with Granite Island at the north and Benison Island at the southern most portion of the park. It is close to Yanakie and Foster and is north of Wilsons Promontory National Park. To Protect the precious marine environment, no recreational fishing is permitted. Commercial fishing in the inlet also stopped in 2004.

views to Wilsons Prom from Toora Coastal Park

There are a number of remote offshore islands that are important breeding areas for Australian fur seals and sea birds. These areas are protected in order to safeguard a unique range of marine plants, animals and habitat, with around 90% of these species found nowhere else. The area accessed near the Toora boat ramp gives us superb views across to Wilsons Promontory, Toora township, Barry Beach Esso Plant, Yanakie, Silcocks Hill Lookout and the Toora Windfarm.

Toora Coastal Park scene

Most of the waters edge is made up of salt marsh, mudflats and mangrove that are covered with grasses, sedges and fleshy herbs. These provide sanctuary and breeding ground for the many unique creatures that call this very special place their home. There is an amazing array of plant life to be seen further inland too, as shown in the above photograph.

boardwalks at Toora Coastal Park

Toora Beach Boardwalks - The Toora boardwalks were constructed by the Won Wron prison work gang, members of Toora Community and Parks Victoria. The project  was completed in 2003. They received their funding from a 'Coast Care Action' grant together with money donated by the District Progress Association fund. They make the area more accessible for humans to enjoy at the same time protecting the fragile natural environment from careless footsteps.

bird hide at Toora Coastal Park

The Toora Bird Hide - This shelter was completed in September 2000 and provides the community with a comfortable area to sit and watch the diversity of birds that congregate in the area. Various information plaques adorn the walls with descriptions of land and sea birds, migratory patterns and lots of information about the Marine Park itself. Like the other facilities here, the bird hide was also built by the Won Wron prison work gang, members of Toora Community and Parks Victoria.

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