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Photograph of a telephone

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All Enquiries And Questions - If you are making an enquiry about anything to do with this website you may phone Elizabeth Richardson in Australia on 0459675251 during regular business hours. Alternatively, feel free to use the contact form here.

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For Photographs And Images - You are welcome to use the pictures found on this website. It is no longer necessary to notify us of your intention to put them elsewhere on the Internet or into any publication, but if you would like a link back to your own website, follow the Simple Instructions For Using Images, below. You might also like to look at the NEW 'lifegames' Photography PHOTO GALLERY.

Reciprocal Links - If you notify us that you have used our images on your website and provide the required direct link back to us, just drop us a message and we are more than happy to give you a reciprocal link in a prominent position. This helps all of us to promote our very special area of Australia.

Copyright Notice - You’re welcome to use and give credit for the photographs in this picture gallery. All images are owned by ‘lifegames’ Photography and licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. This license lets you download, distribute, publish and build upon our work, even commercially – all we ask is that you provide a link back to this website and we really appreciate all the wonderful people who do.

Requesting Photographs - If you want access to high quality, full resolution images or there is a photograph of something you would like and you cannot find it here, just ask by using this contact form. If we don't already have it,  we can get it for you.

Simple Instructions For Using Images

1 ... Download the images and enjoy with our compliments. A link back is preferred, but no longer necessary.

2 ... If you would like a complimentary link back to your own website, leave a message on this contact form, telling us where you intend to use the photographs.

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