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coastal plants from Shallow Inlet Coastal Park in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Coastal Plants

Coastal Plants - Some of the most attractive coastal plants can be found on the eastern side of Australia. Many still grow naturally though thankfully, the areas that have been been harmed due to erosion and human intervention are being re-vegetated by Landcare members and other volunteers. I snapped the picture below in the Corner Inlet Marine And National Park at Toora and I am not exactly sure of it's identity, but it's beauty astounded me. It was growing in abundance beside a lagoon and is obviously very hardy as the animals seem to walk through it virtually without leaving a trail.

coastal plants stop erosion on dunes and banks

Coastal Pigface - These native succulents (pictures below) are from the Carpobrotus species. The name translated from Greek means "edible fruit". The leaves and flowers are both  apparently edible though I haven't tried them myself but they are reported to have been eaten by the aborigines. They grow readily in sandy and shallow soils and are terrific for preventing erosion on sand dunes and banks. I have read that they can be quite invasive though I haven't found them to be so. Most species bloom in early summer. This one blooms beautifully in Autumn.

coastal pigface is an edible plant

Xanthorea - Commonly called Grass Trees or Black Boys these are incredibly hardy plants and not only survive bushfire, but are enhanced by it. See picture below. They are a highly valued, slow growing and protected species in Australia. Grass Trees grow in abundance on Wilsons Promontory and even on the side of the road between Welshpool and Yarram where their striking tall flower spikes are eye-catching as you drive by. Don't be tempted to stop and dig one up to take home as it is against the law and beside that, they dislike being moved immensely. The transplant failure rate is very high. Instead, buy plants legally that are either grown from seed or removed by regulated operators from areas that are intended to be developed.

Xanthorea or grass trees can be seen in gardens and natural environments in South Gippsland

Coastal Banksia - Also known as Banksia integrifolia (pictured below), this hardy shrub grows right up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Northern Queensland. The distinctive yellow flowers are seen at various times of the year. The picture below was taken in Autumn. This type of Banksia generally grows like a small tree and can reach up to 25 meters in height. The birds delight in the insects and nectar collected from inside the flowers. You can often find seedlings growing around the base of the trunk as they propagate really easily from seed.

Coastal Banksias are hardy and useful garden shrubs

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