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Photographs of the rock pools at Agnes Falls, in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Agnes Falls

Agnes Falls is the highest waterfall in Victoria (spanning 59 meters) and can be found slightly inland from Toora, or Welshpool via the South Gippsland Highway. It also provides the tapped water for many towns such as Agnes, Port Franklin, Toora,  Bennison, Hedley, Port Welshpool, Welshpool and some surrounding districts.

Pictures Of Agnes Falls - Find some delightful photographs of Agnes Falls including a map of the area.

About Agnes Falls And The Water Catchment System - The water begins with trickles on the southern slopes of the Strzelecki Ranges before it flows into the Agnes River which was found to be ideal or domestic use because of it's low degree of hardness and little organic matter. 

The first part of the Agnes River system was completed in 1926 and has since been extended to include Cooks Dam (approx. 2 kilometers upstream), a Water Treatment Plant.

Facilities - It is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year, but it's particularly spectacular after heavy or consistent rains. It is only a 200 meter walk from the car park to the well constructed viewing area where you'll find great views of the waterfalls and rock pools.

There are toilets and several sets of picnic benches along the walking tracks in the park. It's perfectly safe for cars, but it's not suitable to take caravans or trailers down the short, steep grade. No solid fuel fires are permitted and you are asked to take your rubbish home with you which helps preserve the area for everyone to enjoy.

While you are in the area, take a drive past the Toora Windfarm. Several of these enormous wind turbines can also be seen from the viewing platform at the Agnes Falls Reserve.

Plants And Trees At Agnes River Reserve - Tall Southern Bluegums, Blackwoods and Silver Wattles are protected in the sheltered gorge at Agnes Falls Reserve. The understorey is also comprised of Hazel Pomaderri's, Blanket-Leaf Dogwood, Prickly Moses and Clematis, with an abundance of ferns, native grasses and sedge. The colours of the eucalypts are quite amazing, This is the first time I've seen them with such strong green and yellow colouring...and you can see clear pictures of them in the set below.

Birds And Animals - According to the Parks Victoria information plaques, the bird species include Honey-eaters, Thornbills, Blue Wrens, Crimson Rosella's, the Eastern Yellow Robin, Grey Fantail, Laughing Kookaburra's and Currawongs. At night the owls and possums come out and swamp wallabies can sometimes be spotted hopping off into the bush.

Downloading Photographs - The photographs below are available for you to enjoy...and use under a special license if you wish. To read more more about how to do that legally, go to the Contact page! Thanks to Crystal Wilson-Richardson for allowing us to use the header image at the top of the page showing the beauty of the rock pools at Agnes Falls.


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